COVID-19 Thursday 2nd April Update

YES,  WE’RE STILL OPEN  . . . . . . .   just

As  the number of shutdowns are actioned around us escalates we still aim to remain open ensuring your vehicle is safe, especially for “essential” workers due to the evolving health crisis caused by COVID-19.

As we try to operate with these high levels of uncertainty, and as unprecedented as this situation is we are endeavoring to retain all our staff as responsible employers while still dealing with the vast range of issues regarding workplace protocols and management. 

While in keeping with now widely adopted practice to manage the spreading of the virus, North Terrace Tyres and all entities within its Group have implemented measures recommended by the Government and industry bodies while finding ways to create and retain a safe working environment for both our staff and customers.

At the same time we are doing our utmost to minimise any disruption to our business allowing us to maintain our service levels remembering that a lot of what is happening is totally out of our control.

To this end we have now introduced a  4 day working week as a measure to retain our staff while meeting the diminishing demand. This action is about retaining our valuable employees while servicing customer needs.

April is a slightly different month to normal with a range of public holidays limiting the number of business days therefore our 4 day week program hopefully aligns with the various demands. The following dates are scheduled at this time to be open for business :

Therefore to continue minimising the risk of transmission through person to person contact with respect to movements into and out of our facility while still employing the same strict social distancing practices for the wellbeing of all concerned we are still following the same precautionary measures:

  • Implemented strict hygiene protocols around receipt and delivery of goods
  • Adopted best possible personal and workplace hygiene
  • Increased number of workplace antiseptic clean downs
  • Customer cars wiped down with antiseptic cloths
  • Observing social distancing standards inside of the workplace and out
  • Issuing advice to staff regarding how the virus can be transmitted
  • Advising what actions to take should they feel unwell, or a family member is unwell
  • Preparing for ‘work from home’ where possible

Due to the policy implementations noted earlier, you may experience some slight delays with some  of our services but I trust we have your understanding and support in these extraordinary times as we try to align ourselves with a moving target every day.

If it is of any assistance in your retaining what you feel is a normal lifestyle but maybe caught up in a self isolation situation, feel free to contact us if  “NO CONTACT” work or service is required as we can pick up, carry out required work  and return you vehicle for you, this is a whatever it takes situation and we are here to help.

Please contact us at your convenience on 08 8113 0600 if you require this service or email us at

Thank You

PS  in the event of a mandated shutdown we will naturally obey any such order, we will post our solutions in another update at that time via both our web site and our Facebook page